ZMW semi-automatic egg tray machine ship to yantai city

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September 16, 2021,  Thank Yantai for your support and trust in our long-term work. The ZMW semi-automatic egg tray machine sent to Yantai, Shandong has been arranged for delivery.
Longkou Jinmeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a packaging machinery manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, installation and technical support. The company was founded in 1994. For more than 20 years, it has continuously introduced international advanced technology to strengthen its own technical force, and has developed and developed Plastic foaming unit series, egg tray production equipment, EPE foaming cloth unit series, egg tray production equipment, egg tray machine production line unit, egg tray machine production line, thickening machine, laminating machine, knotless extruder, etc.10 A variety of products. Widely used in fruit packaging, industrial, agricultural and sideline products, handicrafts and other products packaging. And continue to introduce practical new products to lead the progress of the industry. At present, many national patents have been obtained, such as direct-fired pulp molding drying line, patent number: ZL 2007 2 0021955.0; hydraulic screen changer, patent number: ZL 2007 2 0021954.6 and so on.

The company is located in the beautiful coastal city-Longkou Municipal Government, 20 kilometers west of Longkou Port, 20 kilometers east of the beautiful Penglai Pavilion, and 200 kilometers south of Qingdao. It has convenient transportation and a good industrial foundation. Sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to come to visit us for guidance and inspection.

Post time: Sep-16-2021
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