Production line composition of egg tray production equipment

Small output egg tray machine, suitable for small capacity egg tray production line, low power consumption, suitable for small family or workshop production. The raw materials come from reed pulp, rice straw pulp, slag pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp and other paper pulp boards and waste paperboard, waste carton paper, waste white edge paper, paper mill tail pulp waste paper and other waste paper. It has a wide range of sources and is easy to collect. .

The whole egg tray production line mainly consists of the following parts:

1. Pulping system. The pulping part is an essential part of the pulp molding production process. We can mix old newspapers, magazines, cartons and other waste papers into a certain concentration of slurry after crushing, screening, and adding chemical additives for molding. The main equipment of the pulp system includes: hydraulic pulper, vibrating screen, concentration controller, agitator, automatic slurry adding system, slurry pump, water pump, control cabinet, slurry bucket, bucket, etc. According to the different requirements on the quality of the finished product, thick pulp and refined pulp equipment, such as pressure screens, refiners, etc., can be appropriately selected.

2. Forming system. The slurry is uniformly attached to the special molding mold through vacuum action to form a wet product, which is then transferred to a drying system or natural airing.

3. Drying system. After pulping and shaping, pulp products generally contain relatively high moisture and need to be dried to remove the moisture in the product.

Brick kiln drying: The brick kiln drying line has the characteristics of novel structure, reasonable design, low one-time investment, high thermal efficiency, long service life, easy maintenance, and safe use. And can be designed to use steam, heat transfer oil, natural gas, gas, anthracite, low-smoke firewood, firewood, bark, bamboo scraps, etc. as fuel according to the user’s local fuel situation.

Metal drying: The drying production line uses fuel (gas), electricity or steam (heat transfer oil) as the heat source, heats up the air, and dries the molded pulp molded products in hot air (180~220℃), and is drawn out by a fan The moisture evaporated from the product achieves the effect of rapid drying.

Four, plastic surgery system. After the egg tray products are formed and dried, they are basically shaped, and the finished egg trays can be manually sorted or packaged and stored in the warehouse.

Post time: Jun-24-2021
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