Functions and features of automatic laminating machine

Functions and features of automatic laminating machine:

1. Automatic paper feeder: The precision design of the feeder head of Feida enables the smooth delivery of thick and thin paper. It adopts a stepless speed change device and is equipped with automatic edge control to adapt to different paper feeding. Precise tuyere, easy to adjust the relative position of tuyere and paper pile during operation. Unique non-stop paper feeding device, namely equipped with auxiliary table, can feed paper while replenishing paper to ensure continuous production.

2. Powder removal device (optional combination): adopts a two-stage powder removal structure and a two-stage powder removal structure. The paper passes through the conveyor belt and is swept by the brush roller and the exhaust brush so that the dust on the surface is sucked away by the suction fan, and then passed through the electric heating. After the pressing roller is rolled, it can effectively remove the dust sprayed on the paper surface during printing; the tightly arranged design of the conveyor belt combined with high-efficiency suction will prevent the paper from relocating or misaligning, so that the paper can be accurately delivered to the pressing part of the host.

3. The hard chromium composite roller of the host has a built-in electric heating system and an automatic temperature control device to make the temperature distribution even. The enlarged composite roller design increases the pressing surface: the diameter of the electric heating roller is 420mm, and the inner wall of the roller core is internally rounded, so that the roller is not biased and the heating surface is uniform; the diameter of the pressing rubber roller is 360 mm to ensure smooth pressing of the OPP film. Stable operation. The hand-pressure hydraulic cylinder controls the compound pressure, so that the upper and lower rollers can balance the left and right pressures. The high-precision hard chrome-plated mirror heating roller is matched with the high-performance laminated rubber roller to perfectly realize the thermal laminating process.

4. The coating oil head is controlled by an imported frequency converter. The gluing roller is highly precision ground and the inner wall is specially rebalanced to more effectively maintain the stability of the coating volume. The coating and metering hard chrome roller is manufactured by high precision. The barrel ensures uniform coating amount and achieves precise coating effect. At the same time, it is equipped with two sets of oil pumps and stainless steel oil tank as standard, suitable for the use of water-based and oily glue. Adopting DC motor laminating coating device, stable, fast and easy to operate.

5. The film unwinding shaft adopts magnetic powder brake to maintain a stable tension, and the unique pneumatic film stretching device ensures the pressure

The tightness of the film during filming and filming effectively prevents the failure of the roll film.

6. Automatic slitting device: The slitting length can be set freely according to the paper size, and the speed can be controlled freely. The unit linkage operation system, in accordance with the speed of the host, automatically increases or decreases, and the operation is simple, saving labor costs and reducing the labor intensity of the operator. Knife disc design, rotary knife holder 4 sets of blades, can be fine-tuned and controlled, easy to operate; when adjusting, it interacts with the pressure roller. It is equipped with an inverted paper roller, which can slit thin paper, and paper of more than 128 grams can be automatically slit on-line; equipped with an automatic winding device, for paper with poor quality and hardness, it can be rolled into a roll.

Post time: May-27-2021
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