Application advantages of egg tray production equipment

The weight classifier for egg tray production equipment is the primary equipment for poultry and egg processing. It is mainly composed of conveying device and grading device. Driven by the motor, the eggs are transported by the conveyor, and the grading device classifies the eggs. Including the overall design of the mechanical device, the calculation of the transmission system and related parameters, and the design and calculation of the main components, it is the development and current situation of the egg production equipment.
The production process of the equipment is the pulping link first. There is no need to add other additives or large and small products in the pulping process. This is very simple, but if you want to add additives or demand, this step is also very important, because adding additives is a means. Generally, egg cartons can obtain other new functions. For example, it is waterproof, so it is necessary to strictly control the weight of additives, and then make the function more reasonable. This kind of dough fulfills the demand, and then the operation becomes complicated and important.
Then comes the molding process, which is very important. Because in the molding process, it is mainly formed by adsorbing pulp, and there is a quality problem of touching the egg. If it is not adsorbed (vacuum), the quality will be discounted. All this is not formed by adsorption. The adsorption force comes from the suction vacuum pump, which is also the driving force for dehydration. The excessively simple forming mold is damaged, and the poor quality is too small, so the suction control is particularly important.
Simply talk about the specific application of the egg tray produced by the egg tray equipment, and what are the specific advantages of the egg tray equipment? Let’s take a look below. The use of egg tray equipment has recycled waste and reduced pollution. Everyone knows that most egg trays are made from waste paper and waste. The egg tray equipment integrates these fertilizers to form egg trays, reducing pollution. The waste of resources also protects the environment, which is in line with contemporary people’s life concepts.
In today’s society, egg food is indispensable for ordinary life. With the increasing sales of eggs, it also drives the use of side-industrial products. Egg trays are indispensable when transporting eggs. Egg tray production Industrial sales are also increasing, and there was once a situation where demand exceeded supply. In the production process of the entire production line of the egg tray machine, the preparation of the slurry and the preparation of the slurry directly affect the finished product.

Post time: May-08-2021
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